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Key information if you are an applicant for a position in an agency using an ISAC

The Office of the Merit Protection Commissioner undertakes the recruitment and selection process. The Merit Protection Commissioner establishes the Committee which has three members:

  • a convenor nominated by the Merit Protection Commissioner
  • the requesting agency's nominee
  • an APS employee approved by the Merit Protection Commissioner - this may be an employee of the agency.

The Committee:

  • applies the Merit Protection Commissioner's standards on good practice selection processes
  • acts impartially
  • have APS recruitment expertise and credibility
  • has undertaken training provided by staff of the Merit Protection Commissioner
  • creates an order of merit based on the relative suitability of applicants
  • makes a recommendation to the agency head.

Use of an ISAC means, you can be confident:

  • about the transparency and fairness of the process and the outcome
  • that merit has been applied.

If the agency accepts the recommendations of the ISAC, there is no right to review of a promotion decision. If the agency does not accept a recommendation or departs from it, any subsequent promotions are open to review.

Information on how your personal information is collected, handled and disclosed is explained in the ISAC collection notice prepared by the Merit Protection Commissioner. 

Further information

Other available information on ISACs include:

For more information about an independent selection advisory committee (ISAC), including questions about running a recruitment exercise as an ISAC, contact the Merit Protection Commissioner Business manager:

Tel: (02) 8239 5317

Email: mpcbusiness@apsc.gov.au.