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Independent selection advisory committees (ISACs) can be used for selection processes of any size.

ISACs are especially useful for large or sensitive processes, particularly where good workplace relations are at risk if the process is not seen to be independent and impartial.


Agency focus... ISACs help:
Small agencies and specialised roles with a small pool of candidates
  • Manage perceptions: ISACs ensure process impartiality, integrity and transparency.
  • Provide insider technical knowledge: ISACs allow for different assessment methods for internal and external candidates.
  • Balance business as usual outcomes and expertise: ISACs allow agency staff to focus on core business without loss of APS expertise.
For large bulk rounds, ISACS also…
  • Deal with complexity: ISACs simplify the process when many applicants are competing for roles across locations and skill sets.
  • Provide flexibility: ISACs accommodate a range of selection methods including assessment centres, online screening and traditional interviews.
  • Target groups: ISACs allow for ongoing analysis to test for unconscious bias.