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Agency procedures must assure employees that review processes are fair and unbiased.

Having a credible decision-maker is an important step.

Employees need to be confident that the reviewer and delegate have open minds about the review applicant and the application.

That is, no:

  • preconceived ideas about the case or parties
  • unmitigated (unaddressed) conflicts of interest, real or perceived.


Roles and responsibilities Comment


The reviewer is the person who assists the delegate. They investigate the review applicant's concerns.

The choice of reviewer often varies.

It may be a person in the business line, an agency legal officer, a human resources practitioner or a contractor.

Decision-maker or delegate

The delegate is appointed by the agency head (Section 33 of the Public Service Act).

They are the decision-maker on the review.

If delegations are held in business areas it is important that the position is sufficiently senior.

By choosing senior managers, the agency assures employees that their concerns are taken seriously.

The delegations to make review decisions are held in business areas in some agencies, while in others the function is centralised in human resources.