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The statement is an important opportunity to demonstrate your merit-based claims to the job.

Statements do not have any special format requirements or word limits.

You may use the statement to:

  • reiterate your claims against the selection criteria
  • update your claims - for example, any additional experience or new qualifications gained since applying for the job.

It is your responsibility to bring to the committee's attention, through your statement, any matter which demonstrates your claim to promotion.

Include all your claims in your statement. The committee may decide 'on the papers' and NOT proceed to interview.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your statement does not contain information that may be in breach of the privacy principles or the APS Values or the Code of Conduct. For example:

  • you should take care not to breach the privacy of agency clients in any statement you make to the committee
  • you should not make inappropriate or defamatory comments about any applicants for the job.